Mortal Kombat X on PC is here! (Finally)

Finally MKX on PC dropped the other day and I’ve spent a good amount of time breaking bones.

Despite the horrendouse fumble on the release and in my oppinion (as well as many others) ridiculous streaming download method, the game is actually pretty darn good! The single player story mode kept me engaged. So much so, I played it in a single sitting (giving my Razor Atrox a good workout). The storyline is a bit ridiculous and over-the-top, but that’s the flavour of MK. I’m pretty impressed with all of the extra game modes for both single and multi-player as well as the living towers.

Unfortunately Skarlet is no longer and Mileena has changed quiet a bit (My fav players). But that also gives us old MK9 players a lot of cool new stuff to learn. Speaking of learning new stuff, I was buzzed to play one of my all time favourite characters… the Predator! But, as it seems the Kombat pack was more of a season pass than an actual instant release of the 4 extra DLC players. I won’t be able to play the fishnet wearing legend for just over a month. 🙁

My match-making experience has been a bit on and off. Sometimes I get a decent couple of games in whilst other times the game drops before the first round. Looks like the net “kode” could use a little more work. But when entering a lobby for AUS/NZ players it actually plays reasonably well.

Gotta say, despite it’s flaws it was still well worth the wait!

If anyone from this end of the world is up for a few rounds against an easy opponent add me on steam and let’s rumble! 😀

Steam: thad33m0n

Now, I’m off to break some more skulls.

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